Farmers market menu

Menu varies by week and includes rotating items from the pastry and bread menus below.

Pastry Menu

Some market Saturdays may include a pastry special that is slightly more expensive that the prices below.

Item Description Price
Croissant From scratch laminated pastry made with Baker’s Field flour 3.50
Almond croissant Croissant that is sliced in half, filled with frangipane, topped with sliced almonds and baked again 4.50
Pain au chocolat Croissant with Valrhona chocolate batons baked inside 4.00
Scone Various flavors, made with Natural Way Mills pastry flour 3.50
Macarons Various flavors 2.50

Bread Menu

Item Description Price
Sourdough loaf Everyday table bread made with Baker’s Field Ingmar flour, batard shape 8.00
Sourdough with add-ins Our regular sourdough with add-ins like whole grains, dried fruit, cheese, or nuts 10.00

Cake Menu

Refer to the Cake page for more info.