Persimmon Bakeshop is a cottage food bakery based in Rochester, MN focused on quality and locality. We deliver wholesome, nourishing baked goods, created in small batches with simple ingredients. We are passionate about the sustainment of local growers as well as the environment.


Non-local sources are also included for transparency.
Flour - Baker’s Field Flour and Bread, Minneapolis, MN
Pastry Flour - Natural Way Mills, Middle River, MN
Butter - Kirkland
Milk/Cream - Horizon Organic
Eggs - Backyard chickens, Rochester, MN
Sugar - Crystal Sugar
Chocolate - Valrhona, Guittard
Honey - The Bee Shed, Rochester, MN
Almond Flour - Kirkland
Nuts/Seeds/Cornmeal - Whole Grain Milling, Welcome, MN


The bread bags we use are biodegradable. The window is made from EarthFirst BCP Film with Ingeo plant starches and is Biodegradable Products Institute certified.
Our pastry bags are 100% post consumer recycled, unbleached paper.
We try to avoid using plastic whenever possible. Lip and tape clear bags are compostable bags made of PLA (plant-based) material from Clear Bags.


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